Children's Carnatic - vol. 1

Children's Carnatic series is about beautiful illustrations,  simple stories to introduce one of the most ancient living forms of Music and Dance of India, in a fun and engaging way for you and your child. Published in multiple Indian and European languages.


Approach to Music: The Indian Way - Vocal and Veena

This book provides valuable information about some of the very important aspects of Carnatic Music which can be used as a basic guide to Carnatic Music learners. The book also gives the reader an insight into Indian musician’s perception of Western music while providing an Indian view of Music to the Western audience.


Approach to Music: The Indian Way - Jatiswara and Varna

Second edition of Approach to Music: the Indian way continues to share knowledge about the Swara and its influence in Raga, scale and in a phrase. It also speaks about Tala dasha pranas (the 10 important parts of tala), 72 mela system and a new approach and colorful illustrations to understand and remember all the 72 names and its swaras.