Tamburi and I

Tamburi, a beautiful string instrument with a simple user interface, has just 4 strings attached to a long necked and a round based, well-formed hollow wood. It doesn't require great skills to be played but is indispensable in a Carnatic music concert, as it

provides the pitch for a musical presentation. It supports and sustains the melody of a singer by providing a continuous harmonic bourdon or drone, in a continuous resonance similar to OM, and the performer adheres to this pitch for the whole concert.  A singer can present a Classical Carnatic concert with a grand orchestra or with just a Tamburi, but never without a Tamburi.

Tamburi was one of the first instruments I was fascinated with, for its simple existence, yet incredible value. The more I practice, the more I peal the outer layers of a note to move that much closer to the purest form of rendering a tonal note. When I am singing with just my Tamburi, the melodious tone of the instrument is invisible yet all-encompassing my singing. The magic happens when you experience the resonance of the tonal notes of Tamburi with my rendering of the same tonal notes. It's pure bliss.


India, the land of mystic saints, incredible beauty and composite diversity offers to the world music in the serene form of Carnatic Music. This music style, which traces its roots to Vedas and which was the soul of Bhakti (loving devotion towards God leading to salvation and nirvana), has retained its purest form of presentation till the present. Carnatic Music is a form of Classical music in which all the 9 different emotions (nava rasas) can be expressed through a vocal and instrumental rendering of songs set to beautiful Ragas (melodic cycles) and Talas (rhythmic cycles).


With her Classical repertoire, Bhavana Pradyumna takes her audience on a journey into melodic high, where music transcends all barriers to experience one self and still feel one with the whole world. By presenting different feel for classical Carnatic music through pure individual style and adherence to every rule of classical Carnatic music, Bhavana enhances the beauty of a song and strikes a chord with her audience to make them a part of a mystic journey.

Dance and I

Dance has always been very special in Bhavana's life. Although Bhavana's main interest is music, the driving force for her musical career was Bharatanatyam, her first love. 

Bhavana has completed junior and senior grade exams with distinctions, from India. She started teaching dance at a young age of 19. Bhavana has also been a part of many dance ballet and has performed at prestigious stages in India and USA.  Blending her soulful and technically advanced music knowledge with her deep love and understanding of dance, she is able to accompany Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam. She believes that learning dance is a boon for a singer as one can communicate the right Bhavam (expression) and be able to understand the mathematical calculations in the Jathis. 

Bhavana has accompanied world renowned artists like Mavin khoo, Renjith-Vijna, Seeta Patel, Vidhya Subramanian and many others for musical recitals in India, USA and Europe. She has also been a pleasure to engage with for dance Arangetrams (Rangapraveshams). She is very appreciative of and encouraging to the young talents who are preparing for their big day, adding to make the whole experience a positive, happy, memorable and a high quality one.

To book Bhavana's singing for a Dance Performance or Arangetram, click here


Bhavana has given a step further by entering this project that fuses Carnatic with Electronic Music.

Working with the musician and producer Dilen Magan, with several years of experience in different styles of Electronic Music, specially Asian Underground, Bhavana is experimenting for the first time using her voice in a musical style that is as contemporary and disruptive as it could be. 

Ancient rhythms and scales from Bhavana's background combined with different beats have a powerful and deep effect. An album is being recorded by the label EKAM, based in Lisbon, and will be released next year. 


Bhavana has participating in different kinds of collaborations - with musicians from various fields to dancers. Her later experiences pass through Bollywood, Electronic Music and World Music.

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