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1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning

2. A mastery of memorization

3. Students learn to improve their work

4. Increased coordination

5. A sense of achievement

6. Kids stay engaged in school

7. Success in society

8. Emotional development

9. Students learn pattern recognition

10. Fine-tuned auditory skills

11. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity

12. Music can be relaxing

13. Musical instruments can teach discipline

14. Preparation for the creative economy

15. Development in creative thinking

16. Music can develop spatial intelligence

17. Responsible risk-taking

18. Better self-confidence


With her special interest in training young children, Bhavana has interesting episodes to share. From training a 3yr kid in the US who easily perfected the 'layams' and had started learning 'varnams' by the age of 5, to her own son, Aniruddha Kandadai who was trained to identify carnatic Ragams at the age of a mere 16 months.

She has been successful in her experiments teaching carnatic music to kids.


I have joined Bhavana akka's class in 2018 and I was surprised at the first class by her method of teaching. She gives an importance for details, especially for gamakams which are the essence of the carnatic music tradition. After only one month of class with her and I saw huge progress in the bhavams (expression, mood) of the songs. With her, I learned how to sing manodharma Sangeetha

(improvisation music) which is something quite exquisite and delightful to experience as a singer, as we can explore more and more ragams. The journey has just begun and I already have experienced so much joy. Each class is a precious moment. Can't wait for the next one.

- Yadou Shan Ethirmannasingham, France


"Music is a form of vibrant energy. It becomes a part of our soul through a guru."


My kids Aishwarya and Shashank are blessed to have Bhavana Pradyumna as their Music teacher. Bhavana provides a positive and nurturing environment. Her distinct techniques keeps them focused, while enjoying every class. Will continue the journey.

- Anithashankar Florida USA


I was intrigued by a small video clip on Facebook about a little boy able to recognize raagas when his mom was singing. I did some research and came across Bhavana Pradyumna. When I reached out to her about potential music classes for my daughter, she promptly replied that she offered music lessons. She was also able to offer classes across the globe through Skype. It’s been over a year and I am very pleased with Bhavana’s approach and patience with my daughter. Bhavana is a wonderful music teacher with a strong foundation in Carnatic classical music. My daughter has covered many Geetams in various raagas.Bhavana uses different techniques depending on the child’s involvement in music. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn music with a classical base.

- Anita Narasimhan,Virginia, USA


My 5 year old daughter (Amaeya) has started learning music from Bhavana on SKYPE, for a month now. It is amazing that just in one month she can sing two songs, 7 raagas, 7 saralis. She loves the SREE ragam and is developing an interest to identify raagas. All this is possible only because of Bhavana's unique style of teaching and introducing raagas to new learners. She blends the traditional approach with new ideas. This will greatly benefit children, who otherwise might loose interest just singing Sarali, jantai varisai etc. Therefore I believe my daughter is blessed to start her musical journey with an accomplished artist and a passionate teacher like Bhavana.

- Sumithra Santanam, Cambridge, UK


- Harini Raghavan Munich, Germany

My daughter has been learning Carnatic music from Ms.Bhavana for the past 3 years.She has always enjoyed her classes and Bhavana's unique approach to teaching made quick progress possible. Bhavana has always been a caring ,understanding and motivating teacher.I would be happy to recommend her to any other student.


- Amy Chiu (Rukmini) Taiwan

Studying Carnatic music with Bhavana has been a very inspiring journey. She has an amazing talent for teaching the precise art that is Carnatic music. Bhavana knows how to make the lessons interesting and challenging based on the individual level. Studying with Bhavana, I know that I am learning the art in a precise and traditional way.


Having been interested in Indian Classical music for many years, but never having the opportunity to study it formally, I was very happy to find Bhavana in Paris and finally begin studying Carnatic singing with her. Not only does she have a profound knowledge and powerful command of Carnatic music, but she is also a fantastic pedagogue. Bhavana has a clear sense of direction in the way she teaches, as a result of which I feel like I’m making progress from one class to the next. Coming from a completely background in terms of my musical training, I often find myself full of questions about Carnatic music and I really appreciate that no matter what questions I ask Bhavana, whether they be theoretical, practical or historical, she is always able to give an in depth response to help deepen my understanding. On top of all this, studying with Bhavana is proving to be a very joyful experience, which gives me motivation to keep practicing and learn more.

- Sam Taylor is an Australian composer whose works

have been performed in Australia, U.S.A.,

France, Italy, Spain and China by renowned soloists and ensembles including the Ensemble Intercontemporain,

the Nomas Group and pianist Orlando Bass.

He studied with Stratis Minakakis at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston before continuing

his studies with Frédéric Durieux at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris.

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