It has been Bhavana and her husband Pradyumna Kandadai's ever focused endeavor to find ways to contribute a drop to the ocean of Carnatic Music. Carnatic Conservatory of Paris (CCP) is one such initiative based in Paris, France. CCP creates new platforms, brings together artists, collaborates with new artists and legends alike, presents highest quality of music and collaborates with artists of high quality, with whom CCP can take the beauty of Carnatic Music and Indian Arts to a world audience. CCP offers two major Calendar events to provide a platform for talent and also collaborate with high quality artists, legends.

'Paris Tyagaraja Aradhana' is the annual aradhana of saint composer Tyagaraja. Carnatic musicians from all over the world descend and pay homage to the saint. The aradhana is observed on Pushya Bahula Panchami day when the saint attained samadhi. According to the tradition, every year, musicians and devotees pay homage to Sri Tyagaraja by rendering his Pancharatna kritis', the five jewels.

'Nritya Nada' is a brain child of Bhavana to create an international platform to bring together artists and allow for new collaborations. Bhavana has successfully collaborated with artists in India and Europe to present soulful events.



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'Sanātana' is the event organised to provide a high quality platform for touring artists with high calibre in Paris, based on the schedules of the artist. The event is completely presented in Sanskrit and French. One of the concepts that Bhavana works is to bring the purity of dance and music to provide an ethereal experience to audiences. This gives a very private sense and apt for Parisian audience to understand the nuances of both fields individually whilst performing together.

Through CCP, Bhavana and Pradyumna have organised 11 events hosting more than 35 artists and pulling in audiences of more than 1000s. CCP has audience from all races, color and background thus serving their moto of promoting Unity while celebrating diversity. CCP also offers scholarships to students to provide access to learning this ancient art of Carnatic music which also helps in developing concentration, reasonal thinking and personality development.

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